Laurie Anderson Hennig

Laurie’s hand built sculptures are made from high fired stoneware clay and finished with oxides, slips and glazes. Laurie has worked with clay since 1972 when she and her husband, Dan Hennig, moved to Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They were both Hartnell College graduates who went on to graduate from San Jose State University with degrees in art. After several years traveling the world, they set up a studio and raised two children, Iver and Ida-Josie, never staying away too long from their families in Salinas. Over the years, she and her husband exhibited work nationally and internationally at shows, fairs and galleries. Laurie now looks forward to bringing her work back ‘home’, showing sculptural ceramics in the Salinas Valley Art Gallery and getting re-acquainted with the art community in Salinas.

Contact: Laurie may be contacted through the gallery. +01 831 422 4162

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