Larry Foss

Lawrence "Larry" Foss is a fifth generation born San Franciscan and gold miner. He has a teaching credential in Art and a broad based competence in various fields of art. His painting and sculpture degree is from CSU Chico. He is an enthusiastic pastel painter. This medium suits his vigorous work ethic. Always in the back of his mind, is the impressionist Monet who believed you have only an incredibly small 14 minutes to capture a color phase. The exception being overcast days and fog which allows you more time in Monterey. Larry may return to a site at the same time of day and works details at a relaxed pace in the studio. In the field, his personality alters from a flamboyant sanguine to a quiet, meek student in God's design shop. His work is always recognizable locations therefore he searches out natural, dynamic compositions.

Contact: Larry may be contacted through the gallery. +01 831 758 8497

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